Partners in Health is a grassroots organization of volunteers dedicated to improve the health conditions of people in under served areas of Central America, especially the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN) of Nicaragua. It is our philosophy that it is better to teach than to do.

Please join us in our efforts to help these people help themselves. Anyone interested in learning more about Partners in Health can write or email us.

Jill B. Grant
150 State Street
Brewer, ME  04412

Dr. Robert Bach
134 Ridge Rd
North Haven, ME  04853
Tel:  207 867 4853

How you can help ….

Partners in Health is looking for the following donated items.
BP Cuffs, stethoscopes, otoscopes, nebulizers, white lab coats, surgical instruments, dental instruments, and we especially need a microtome.

If you have any of the following items please put them in a box and mail them to:

Partners in Health c/o
Jill B. Grant
150 State Street
Brewer, ME 04412

Your donation of help, medical items or money make a difference. Thank you.


Board of Directors

Dr Robert Bach

Jill Grant
Vice President

Dr Robert Holmberg
Steve Johnson
Dr John Benziger
Dr Max Barus
Joan MacCraken
Dr Peter Haupert
Mary Benziger
Jim McKendry
Helen McKendry
Miki MacDonald

Nicaraguan Advisors

Dr Kenneth Serapio Hunter
Rita Arauz
Dr Dino Aguilar
Dr William Abdalah
Ernesto Espinosa
Dr. Manual Salas