Women’s Health Initiative: Cervical Cancer Prevention

Project Advocate: Max Barus MD, Miki MacDonald FNP, Holly Weidner PA

Outline of Project: The RAAN region has extremely high rates of cervical cancer, a

devastating and lethal disease that affects women in the prime of life. This project attempts to

address the myriad difficulties inherent in creating a comprehensive cervical cancer prevention

program. This requires the development and support of all links in the chain required

for cervical cancer prevention: Education & Outreach, Pap screening, Cytology, Tracking,

Colposcopy, Pathology, LEEP and surgery services. In the past few years all of these areas

have seen substantial advances.

Accomplishments of Project August 2007-2008:

Goals for the next year:

We plan to continue to support the various components of the project:

Education & Outreach. We want to utilize a local nurse, Erna Patterson, to provide educational

outreach to women in area villages via women’s church groups. We want to increase the “Pap

Brigade” program, where clinicians visit villages annually and provide Pap testing to a large

portion of the women.

• Pap Screening: Continue to provide supplies to the Polyclinic in Puerto Cabezas.

• Cytology: Support cytology screening with supplies, equipment and Quality control via

visiting Pathologists and Dr. Tenorio.

• Colposcopy: Support with supplies and equipment and ongoing services provided by

Dr. Ballesteros.

• Pathology: See Pathology project

• LEEP: Definitive treatment for many women will be accomplished by the provision of

LEEP services. We hope to recruit Gynecological volunteers who will provide LEEP

teaching to Dr. Ballesteros, PIH members and local Gynecologists.

• Surgery: See Surgery project.

Funding: Donations; small grants

Volunteer Visits: January 2008; September 2008

Next Visit: January 2009