Vermont/Bilwaskarma Public Health Team

Project Advocate: Karen Burke, Ruth Blauwiekel, DVM

Outline of Project: The goal of this project is to provide public health support to the people of

Bilwaskarma and the ten outlying villages. Teaching best practices and providing supplies will

lead to sustainable healthier living. Our team objectives complement the PIH Bilwaskarma

Outreach, Provedenic East project goals.

Accomplishments of Project August 2007-2008:

In Jauarry 2008 we brought medicines and clinical reference books. The physical therapist on

the team made consultations and taught Frecia and two nurses. We brought fluoride and

toothbrushes for the dental hygiene component.

Goals for the next year: In January, 2009 my primary project will be a minicourse in

obstetrical emergencies for Frecia and the nurses. My colleague, Dr. Melissa Gibson, will

teach the course and I will do Frecia’s work while she is in class. I’m hoping to provide other

CME type activities in the future to enhance primary care in the 10 villages.

Funding: volunteer donations

Volunteer Visits: January 2008

Next Visit: January 2009