Training Mission

We have been successful in establishing a laparoscopy and endoscopy program. We have been able to fully train two general surgeons in these areas .We continue to maintain the equipment and provide additional training

Many years ago we began performing and training doctors in direct endoscopy and gradually were able to obtain video scopes for both colonoscopy and upper endoscopy .Dr Daniel Cassidy from EMMC was extremely helpful in the initial training process. We then decided to introduce a laparoscopy program initiated by Dr Mark Grant from EMMC.

Our laparoscopy tower is functioning well but we need more equipment for back up.
We are also trying to obtain laparoscopic equipment that is reusable since the disposable equipment is so expensive and wasteful.
Dr William Abdalah is a General surgeon from Managua who has started training the gynecologists in basic gynecological laparoscopic procedures. It is nice to see Nicaraguan surgeons helping Nicaraguan surgeons which has always been one of our goals.