Teaching ESL

Project Advocate: Mary Benziger (thebenzigers@hotmail.com)

Outline of Project: Teaching ESL is a project that any PIH volunteer (especially non-medical

people looking for a meaningful way to help out) can do. Nicaraguans are eager to learn

English. English can empower them, and learning a language offers personal satisfaction and


Accomplishments of Project August 2007-2008:

• I researched and compiled a curriculum for 4 consecutive classes of basic ESL

teaching. In February 2008 on arriving in Puerto Cabezas, I asked Emilio if he could


help me find people interested in learning English. The free classes were held at the

conference room in the Guest House at 3-4:00 pm. There were 10 students ranging in

age from 14 to 60. We learned the first day the importance of having a dry erase board.

The second day we had a piece of linoleum that served the purpose. Every day I used

the photocopy service available at a nearby libreria. (1 cord/copy) Every day I gave

photocopied materials to the students. We celebrated the last class with the topic of

“foods” and a healthy snack.

• Subsequently drew up more lesson plans. Sent to Molly for posting on our website for

any interested volunteer.

Goals for the next year:

• Develop more lesson plans.

• Make sure the necessary materials for teaching (dry erase board, markers, spiral

notebooks, pencils, pencil sharpener) are stored in the Volunteer House bodega.

Funding: Donations

Volunteer Visits: February 2008

Next Visit: Spring 2009