Puerto Cabezas Guest House and Bodega

Project Advocate: Jill B. Grant

Outline of Project: The guest house provides living quarters, conferences rooms, an exam

room and a storage/workshop area. This space is to be used by volunteers and Nicaraguans

to help improve the health of the Nicaraguan People.

Accomplishments of Project August 2007-2008:

• The house is providing house for visiting Nicaraguan and Partners in Health Volunteers.

A small utility building has been built and is housing the pump and a generator. The

exam room/extra bedroom is nearing completion. A new bathroom is completing this


• The house provided safe shelter for approximately 40 friends and neighbors during

September 2008’s category 5 Hurricane Felix.

Goals for the next year: We will continue to improve living conditions and complete the

security wall around the house. A fruit tree nursery will be started along with outlining spaces

for a vegetable garden, medicinal garden, and a gazebo.

Funding: donations

Volunteer Visits: April 2008