Miskitu Literacy Project

Project Advocate: Joan MacCracken MD

Outline of Project: Research indigenous folk tales; select one; recruit a Nicaraguan artist to

illustrate it; produce a bilingual book; market and sell the book with proceeds to be used to

promote literacy in Nicaragua.


Accomplishments of Project August 2007-2008: We have had four wooden chests made in

Bilwi to transport and store books. There will be 40 books per box. Spanish children’s books

were carefully selected to be culturally sensitive. The books were in the PIH shipment in

December 2007. The boxes will be taken to four villages on the Rio Coco. Hopefully, we will

assist the villages in setting up “Story Hour” for the village children to hear the stories. For

many of these children it will be the first time they have seen beautiful books.

These books (160) have been purchased with money raised by the sale of Trisba &

Sula: A Miskitu Folktale from NIcaragua/ Una leyenda de los Miskitos de Nicaragua by Joan

MacCracken and illustrated by Augusto Silva, published November, 2005 by Tiffin Press. The

book has won two awards, one from Criticas Magazine selecting the book as among Best

Books of 2005, and in May 2006 Skipping Stones Magazine, a multicultural children’s

magazine, named it a winner in the bilingual category.

Goals for the next year: We hope to visit many more villages.

Funding: Donations; sales of Trisba & Sula

Volunteer Visits: November 2007

Next Visit: 2009