Establishment of EMS in Puerto Cabanas

Last year we started initiating a plan to provide an ambulance and a first responder course to firemen and Red Cross workers. The ambulance was donated to the Fire Dept. and a first responder course started this past April which will be completed in November

A year ago patients who need to go to the hospital urgently were transported by taxi or private car. Thanks to an idea of one of our volunteers, Katherine Badger a plan was made to use the fire station as the center of EMS since they had a dispatcher 24/7. The personnel at the fire department were really excited to play a major role.

Dr Robert Rose a well-known respected ER physician from North Conway conducted a first responder course at the fire station this past April to twenty students. He was able to get through most of the course and plans to return in November to complete it. The dedication of the ambulance was a meaningful event as it was dedicated in memory Patricia Ballesteros who was the medical director for of Partners in Health in Nicaragua for many years