Dental Health Initiative

Project Advocate: Hanna Ekstrom (volunteer Molly Marston)

Outline of Project: Dental Health will be administered through the community health outreach

program, which allows utilization of an existing infrastructure to maximize dental health and

document program achievements. Future plans include training local dental technicians to

perform fillings, extractions and to receive training in more advance dental care technique.

Accomplishments of Project August 2007-2008:

600 doses of fluoride and 600 toothbrushes were delivered to the clinic in Bilwaskarma.

Toothbrush racks were made for each classroom. Toothbrushes were distributed to each

student in the elementary school grades K through 6. Teachers and classes were instructed

how to brush. Dental charts were written for each kid and filed by classroom in manila

envelopes that are located in the storage room of the clinic.

Goals for the next year: Follow dental progress and positively influence dental (and general)

health. Have visiting volunteers apply a second treatment of fluoride to the same students,

ideally twice a year. Emphasize the important of daily tooth brushing.

Funding: Supplies of toothbrushes and fluoride treatments. Money necessary for toothbrushes

and fluoride treatments if donations can’t be found.”