Chicken Project

Project Advocate: Hanna Ekstrom

Outline of Project: The goal of this project is to increase poultry productivity by employing

basic husbandry techniques. Participants must make the initial investment of wood, building

the chicken coop and setting boxes, and providing food and water containers. In return, 35

pounds of corn, 5 hens and 1 rooster will be supplied to the participant, and veterinary care will

be provided for one year. It is expected that the participant pass the gift of 5 hens and 1

rooster to another family, as well as giving back 3 additional laying hens to the project for sale

to buy additional supplies such as nails and hinges, ensuring the programs long-term success.

When the project is completed, participants will receive a diploma and, if they build a garden,

seeds to start to cultivate Pigeon Pea, which will help their chickens to grow faster and

produce more eggs by supplementing protein intake. If possible, vitamins will also be provided

by the program, but availability and cost is currently under examination.

Accomplishments of Project August 2007-2008:

March 2008–built coops for PIH. Gave supplies and birds to one Bilwas teacher (Melania), and

supplies to Rudy. When his henhouse is completed, he may receive birds and corn. Money will

be wired from PIH/WFC account.

Goals for the next year: April-January-Provide veterinary supplies for existing birds/farmers; if

additional families (Starting with nurse in Saupauka) qualify for the project, they will receive

supplies and birds from Willie.

January 2009-Begin identification and training of local community leaders outside of Bilwas;

spread program further.

Funding: PIH/WFC account

Volunteer Visits: March 2008

Next Visit: January 2009