From the outset, the work of PIH has depended on a relatively small number of volunteers, largely clinicians, who provide money for materials, supplies and shipping as well as their own transportation to Nicaragua. The lifeblood of any organization is its membership and for continued success PIH will need to continue to recruit new members.

Partners in Health has undertaken and completed a variety of projects since 1976, including the following in Nicaragua:

  1. Providing opportunities for visiting health care providers and students to come to the
  2. region at their own expense and meet and work with Nicaraguan colleagues and
  3. provide training and materials support.
  4. Development of ongoing surgical clinics including Plastic Surgery, Pediatric Surgery
  5. General Surgery, Ophthalmology and Dental clinics.
  6. Transportation to Maine, housing, support and surgical care for children with
  7.   congenital heart disease.
  8. Training including Operating Room Nurses, Laboratory, Anesthesia and X-ray.
  9. Shipping of roughly 30,000 lbs. of supplies and materials annually to the region.
  10. Various projects including: asthma project; breast milk bank; mercury contamination
  11.  project; H.Pylori project; and, burn unit.
  12. Development of an intensive care unit in Bluefields, Nicaragua

Partners in Health currently provides medical supplies to:

  1. Hospital Nuevo Amanecer and Polyclinica Outpatient in Puerto Cabezas
  2. Waspam Hospital in Waspam, Rio Coco
  3. Polyclinica Bilwaskarma in Bilwaskarma, Rio Coco
  4. Rosita Hospital in Rosita Mining Region
  5. Siuna Hospital in Siuna Mining Region
  6. Hospital Lenin Fonseca, Managua

In addition, Partners in Health has completed a variety of projects in other areas:

  1. Surgical teaching at the Lenin Fonseca, a teaching hospital in Managua, Nicaragua
  2. Creation of an intensive care unit in northeastern Guatemala
  3. Establishment an Asthma Clinic in Quazaltenango, Guatemala
  4. Development of non-invasive diagnostic services in Quezaltenango, Guatemala

Below are summaries of many projects currently organized by Partners in Health volunteers. For a full overview of all projects please download our 2010 Annual Report. Annual Report 2010.pdf