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Partners in Health is a nonprofit, nondenominational organization whose mission is to provide health services, training, education and volunteer opportunities for health care providers in third world countries. Its activities have been limited to Central America, with a focus on Nicaragua and Guatemala. The organization grew around the volunteer work of Dr. Robert Bach, a general surgeon from Maine, and other health care workers who had been volunteering in Central America since 1975.

Most of the work of PIH has centered on the Autonomous Atlantic Region (RAAN), Nicaragua’s largest province, which occupies approximately a fifth of the land area and is located on the Northeastern Caribbean coast. This area is inhabited by indigenous Miskito Indians and people of Afro-Caribe and Spanish descent. One of the poorest regions of an impoverished county, the RAAN has lagged behind in the development of infrastructure and the economy. In addition, the area was a center of fighting during the Contra-Sandinista civil war and has been periodically devastated by hurricanes.

From the outset, the work of PIH has depended on a relatively small number of volunteers, largely clinicians, who provide money for materials, supplies and shipping as well as their own transportation to Nicaragua. The lifeblood of any organization is its membership and for continued success PIH will need to continue to recruit new members.


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